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Structural engineer picks up the work after the construction documents are ready. He or she is the architect’s most important collaborator on the project, as they have the ability to actually make the architect’s visions possible and feasible. In general, architects are responsible for the whole project and all of its stages, and can be capable of making structural engineering decisions themselves, but the engineer is there to really make sure that the building has full structural integrity, guaranteeing for the calculations. You don’t want to worry about any of that ever again in the future decades of the building’s exploitation.

Because a building is a complex system, architects have to collaborate with other types engineering professionals as well, to make sure that the project ‘comes to life’ and is fully functional when completed. These engineers are responsible for such systems as electrical installations, plumbing, heating and cooling, environmental compliance, to more cutting-edge technology solutions in the smart houses.

Finally, whether it comes to building a completely new structure or retrofitting and remodeling an old one, taking measures to make it earthquake resistant is one of the most important responsibilities a structural engineer has.