• YEAR :
  • LOCATION : Los Angeles, California

Project Location: Los Angeles, California

Scope of Work: Complete Architectural Remodeling—New Addition, New Deck, New Flat Roof

Services Required: Architectural Design, Exterior Architectural Design, Structural Engineering, Electrical, Plumbing, LID, Title 24

New Addition: 850 Sq. Ft.

Total Area: 2865 Sq. Ft.

Status: Under Construction

In the design phase of this house we had two main challenges:

  1. Not a good and welcoming entrance
  2. Too many stairs to get to the main floor

In order to overcome them, we redesigned the entrance by enlarging the stairs and changing its direction, while providing two tree planters and numerous flower boxes. That way we enhanced the architectural identity of the house. Now the staircase is more than just a pile of steps—it is serves as a focal point and provides a truly welcoming entrance.

By repositioning the garage due to the introduction of a retaining wall, we managed to find space for placing an elevator, which now connects the garage directly to the second floor.

In order to have even more green space integrated in the design, the new facade is provided with vegetation in front of each window, giving each room a natural view full of plants and flowers.


Los Angeles, California