D.G. Residence

  • YEAR :
  • LOCATION : Calabasas, California

Project Location: Calabasas, California

Scope of Work: New 2nd Story

Services Required: Architectural Design, Exterior Architectural Design, Structural Engineering, Electrical, Plumbing, Title 24

New Addition: 1974 Sq. Ft.

Total Area: 5660 Sq. Ft.

Status: HOA Approved, City Pending

The main task in this project was to design the roof in such a way that will get the HOA’s approval. That meant that we had to make it as if the house was originally built like this. For that purpose, we simply extended the roof line and then introduced gables in the back, allowing us to have 12-feet high ceilings.

In order to access the second floor, we pushed the living room wall out and created a free-standing staircase, so that now the stairs serve as a major focal point of the overall design and not just a structural element.

To further satisfy the HOA, we had to create a semi-transparent wall in the deck facing the neighbor’s house. That’s why we put the bedrooms on one side and the art studio on the other, so this way the studio will have its privacy and direct access to the deck.


Calabasas, California