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Design That Makes Happy

With 12 years of experience, A2Z Architectures is a full-service architecture and structural engineering practice, focused on design excellence and project execution.
Our mission comes to life in every project we undertake: to treat each project individually, by finding the answer to the architectural needs of our clients through creative empathy, design uniqueness, and rigorous quality and service standards, never forgetting about time-sensitivity and cost-effectiveness.
We are happy to showcase our creative solutions to your spatial and design needs at our offices in Los Angeles and Orange County.


Why they love us.

Great collaboration with these guys. They nailed my taste. The design fits in with what I would perceive as Icelandic: the high wooden roof design and linear slatted interior elements and colors.

A. Young

We remodeled together my old house. I was mostly concerned with final touches in the interior and they did a great job, they actually had quite some patience for my endless questions about individual furniture peaces and texturing. Loved the additional green spaces they provided, I wouldn't have thought of that by myself.

J. Murphy

I finally can see the sunset from my bedroom! They took this old wish of mine quite seriously when I first mentioned it to them in initial brainstorming about my house that they designed. They made the impossible happen and came up with windows and skylights in some unusual places and the result blew me away. My favorite part of the house for sure.

N. Adelkhani

I was impressed by their modeling and rendering first of all, as I've had experience with not so satisfactory results before, when I needed to hire additional people just to produce the imagery that I needed. Not with these guys, they've got it all covered.

A. Guzman