Me & Architecture

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I am thankful for finding my passion in life this way. Pursuing architecture was one of the toughest decisions that I had to make in life, at the age of 25. I never thought I would stop my import business in order to go back to school.

Nevertheless, I gave it a shot by starting one semester and I still remember my first class. That first session changed everything for me. I knew from that moment that my purpose in life is not business – it is architecture. It has blessed my life beyond what I possibly could’ve imagined, and eventually it even led me to finding the love of my life, despite having a chance of one in a billion.

Namely, I created a Facebook page for sharing architectural imagery and work, primarily academic in nature. It just happened that I randomly added an architecture student follower, without even knowing that this intelligent, creative, lovely, and beautiful girl will be the love of my life.

Long story short, after six months of her following my work and me starting to notice her posts, we finally clicked the like button on each other’s personal photos. That was a start of our long everlasting journey in life that we embarked on together. Today, the fruit of our love is a beautiful and amazingly smart little angel.

One week after my wife surprised me with the baby check, I started our own business that was to become A2Z Architectures. Today I can proudly say we have done over 179 projects, from big residentials to small remodels all over Los Angeles and Orange County.

You can now see why I’m telling you all this: the most important things I have in life came about through architecture. That’s why I take writing this blog so personally – I would like to share each architectural experience with my readers, through writing about the process, the obstacles, the proposals, and the final plans.

I hope this will help everyone understand that designing is not just drawing a bunch of lines. It takes a lot of effort, time, and passion to create each project, crowned with perfect details ready for realization.

My hope is that this would also help even students of architecture in understanding the difference between academic work and real-life projects. That’s why I will pay special attention to writing about how to tackle the obstacles in the process, and how to approach different projects based on their individual peculiarities.

Initially I felt that I had started doing this a bit late, due to some hesitation, but mostly due to the extreme work schedule I had. But starting late is better than starting never. So I decided to open the blog with this year’s projects. So far I have eight of them, with the first post being published on Jan 3, 2019. Hope you’ll enjoy them!