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Date: Jan-13-2019
Location: San Gabriel
The scope of work: Addition, load bearing wall removals, complete remodel
In this project, the addition was to add a workout room, a new bedroom and a new jack and jill bathroom. For the remodel they wanted everything to be reorganized except one existing bedroom/bathroom and their only condition was “do not remove the entrance hallway keep it as is”.
In order for the client to be able to explore their options we provided them with four layouts.
Option#1: First we relocated the kitchen from the right wing to the front of the house and eliminated the fireplace. In this option we designed the new workout room in the upper right side of the house so they would have a view of the outdoor and the new bedroom would be on the opposite side. We created the master bedroom where we had the kitchen and relocated the laundry to the office and give them access directly from the garage to the house.
Option#2: In this option we tried to minimize the addition size so in order to achieve our goal we created the new workout room and new bedroom in the same side so that way we didn’t need to have extra space to get access to the new rooms we provided the access by just having a hallway that way we accomplished all we wanted. The good side of this design was that now the master bedroom will have a sliding door and more light compared to the first option.
Option#3: In this option, all the layout is practically the same as option one except for the kitchen and living room which in this case we brought the kitchen to the middle of the house and left the living room intact.
Option#4: We moved the master bedroom to the upper right wing of the house and moved the workout area to the middle. This way the master bedroom will get more light and direct access to the backyard.
After reviewing the plans the client choose option#4 which in our opinion was the best option as well.
They required some changes such as adding a walk-in pantry to the kitchen, utility room and the only thing we didn’t want them to change was the 16′ four panel sliding door in the living room which would have given them a beautiful view to the backyard but they preferred a french door and windows in that location.