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Date: Jan-04-2019
Location: Long Beach
The scope of work: Possible addition, Kitchen remodel, Master Bedroom remodel
The clients wanted to do this project in two phases, phase one doing the kitchen and master bedroom remodel phase two addition. We definitely encourage them to do it vice versa since doing an addition would add value to the house and in case they do not want to proceed they would get their investment back.
We offered them three options the first two are similar only difference is the amount of square footage added to the house we did the first option maximum addition and in option two we provided them with the minimum square footage. In both scenarios, the kitchen would be relocated to the new addition that way we will have a completely open concept for the house.
In option three we only did the remodel to the kitchen and master bedroom so in this case, the kitchen will act as a divider between the living room and dining area. The bedroom entrance is relocated to the side instead of the front that way the bedroom gets more privacy. We can accommodate this option in the first two designs as well.
We are waiting for the client to give us feedback on what they want to do.