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Date: Jan-03-2019
Location: Valencia
The scope of work: Addition and remodel
This project is located north of Los Angeles, the owners wanted to expand there existing master bedroom and have an office area within it, create a master walk-in closet and remove a wall between the kitchen/dining area and the living room.
At first glance it seemed to be an easy job but looking at the roof lines we noticed that there will be a post at the end of the wall so now we have to take that into consideration for the structural engineering in order to be able to have an open concept.
We provided the clients with two options:
Option 1:
We designed the master bedroom and office with the ability to convert the office into a separate bedroom in the future with very minor modifications. We relocated the kitchen and kept all the openings as is with a minor change to the sliding door.
Option 2:
In this option, we concentrated on more closet space and we were not concerned about the future of the office. We kept the kitchen in the same location this way we reduced the construction cost, we closed two windows in order to get more cabinet space.
Approved plan:
Even though we liked option #1 the client choose option #2 due to economic reasons. The advantage of option number 1 was more light coming in and the ability to convert the office to a bedroom in the future so that way cost per value would have been higher. But at the end, the best option is the one that our client feels better inside it and we wish them the best in there newly remodel home.